Merry Marmot


Join us for our 2018 Merry Marmot Festival on Saturday, March 31st! We have activities, contests, live music, and lots to watch. There's plenty to keep everyone entertained, so even if you aren't going to participate, come up to watch - admission is free!

We have a variety of fun events for all ages. You can register for the following events for $25 for adults, $10 for kids, or $50 for the whole family! Pay once and participate in as many events as you want!
Dual slalom, 3 person Chair 1 Relay race, Adult tubing races, Kids' tubing races, Kids snowshoe race, and the Costume Chinese downhill

Our premium events this year are fat tire bike races ($25) and the traditional Downhill Dummy Launch ($40). Bike races are $25 for both - this year we have a loop race from the lodge to Chair 1 to the top of the saddle, then a downhill from the top of the saddle back to the lodge! Bike races start at 11:00.

The Downhill Dummy Launch is our premiere event, and highest profile, with everyone watching from the lodge while your dummy soars off the jump! Dummies are $40 each to enter. The only restriction is the dummy must be on skis or snowboard(s) and can't be dangerous to spectators.

Blue & Gold Boardshop is back for their second Legends of Alaska showcase. Even if you don't want to participate in the events, there's lots to watch. We will also have music from Neutrino Surfers and A Watch and A Handshake!

A taco bar provided by Peppercini's will be available for dinner, with beans, beef, chicken, and salmon tacos. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids, including a beverage.

We offer pre-registration for the bike races; all other events can be signed up for at the lodge.

Events with an * after them are best viewed from around the lodge. Even if you aren't participating, come up and watch all the fun!

11:00 - Fat tire loop bike race*
12:00-1:00 A Watch and a Handshake Duo #1 in the Afterglow
12:30 - Fat tire downhill bike race*
12:30 - Dual slalom race*
1:15-2:20 Final Frontier in the Afterglow
2:00 - 3 person Chair 1 Relay Race
2:30 - Kids tube races (in the tube park)
2:35-3:45 A Watch and a Handshake Duo #2 in the Afterglow
3:00 - Adult tube races (in the tube park)
3:30 - Kids snowshoe race*
4:00-6:00 Neutrino Surfers in the Afterglow
4:00 - Legends of Alaska showcase*
5:00 - Costume Chinese downhill*
6:00 - Downhill Dummy Launch*
6:30-7:30 The Amalgajam in the Afterglow

The fat tire bike races consist of a lollipop, starting at the lodge, heading down to Chair 1, then back up past the lodge and to the saddle overlooking Hiland Road. At 12:30, the second race will start from the saddle (finish of the first race), heading back to the bottom of the ski area. 

We will provide transportation for gear, so bring a backpack with clothes, water, etc and we'll have it waiting for you at the top! The uphill race starts at 11:00 at the day lodge, and the downhill race starts at 12:30 at the top of the saddle.

Registration fee is $25 for both events. There will be lots of great prizes from the local bike shops.

Please register in advance!

The best event of Merry Marmot by far is the dummy launch. Build your own dummy, and win fabulous prizes for being the crowd favorite (and hitting the jump!). Dummies are just $40 to register. 

Who can forget classics like the Bar Fly, Pirate Ship, or Skeleton in a Bathtub? Make YOUR dummy the one everyone talks about at the bar. Dummies must be mounted on skis or snowboard(s), and must not be a danger to spectators. Arctic Valley staff will make the final decision on whether a dummy is safe to launch. Please remember: make your dummy stable! Multiple skis or snowboards on a wide base seem to track best. 

Questions? Email us at