The Anchorage Ski Club is the oldest ski club in Southcentral Alaska. It even predates Chugach State Park! The ski area encompasses 320 acres, has a base elevation of 2500 feet, and a lift rise to almost 4000 feet.

For a great history of the Arctic Valley Ski Bowl please visit the “Alaska Lost Ski Areas Project.” Although Arctic Valley is not “LOST,” this resource provides a rich history of the military portion of Arctic Valley which was removed.

  • 1930’s – Developed the City Ski Bowl, including a rope tow and ski jump on the bluff at 3rd and Gambell.
  • 1937 – Anchorage Ski Club founded.
  • 1940’s – Collaborated with military on the military area. Later moved to present location. Volunteers/many donated materials to build a small lodge/outhouse, and rope tows.
  • 1940’s – Denali Ski Patrol founded.
  • 1930’s-50’s – Sponsored ski trains, group outings, and dances/parties.
  • 1961– T-Bar replaced rope tows.
  • 1961-1996 – Paid employees operate ski area.
  • 1968 – Chair 1 opened.
  • 1972 – Existing lodge built partially by volunteers/donated materials.
  • 1979 – Chair 2 completed.
  • 1997 – Resumed volunteer operations.
  • 1980’s-90’s – Offered night skiing.
  • 2001 – Achieved 501(c)3 non-profit status.
  • 2002 – Groomer purchased, repairing/ refurbishing facilities.
  • 2016 – Purchased a new snow gun to make snow.