2020 Anchorage Ski Swap

Arctic Valley Ski Area and the UAA Ski Team are hosting a virtual ski swap! It’s easy, will help re-purpose your gear, and make you some money. Please note that we’re looking for hard goods only – skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, googles, gloves, poles, etc. For used clothing items, check out The Hoarding Marmot!

Follow this link to register to sell items.

Follow this link to see items for sale. The sale is Monday, November 16th 12-noon until Wednesday, November 18th at midnight. November 18th from noon till midnight is 50% off on select items.


  • Registration open – November 7th – 13th
  • Item drop off – Friday, November 13th 3 pm – 7 pm & Saturday, November 14th 10 am – 2 pm
  • Sale – Monday, November 16th 12-noon until Wednesday, November 18th at midnight. 50% off on select items November 18th from noon till midnight.
  • Sold and unsold items pick up – Friday, November 20th between 3 pm and 7 pm and November 21st between 9 and till 12 pm.

COVID adjustments

Social distancing at drop-off and pick-up. Please wear a face covering while interacting with staff.

No entry into building; item drop off and pick up all happens outside. The gear room has street access so we ask our sellers and buyers to line up outside the door.

NO CLOTHING, only hard gear.


Rule of thumb: the success of this event depends on the quality of the gear sold for the right price. Please read below for instruction on how to participate in the sale as a seller and a buyer.

This is a consignment sale and the organizers will retain 30% of the sales price. All proceeds will go towards supporting the UAA Ski Team and Arctic Valley Ski Area (501(c)3 non-profit organization) and thus helping recreational and competitive skiing in south central Alaska.


You might be familiar with the consignment registry from the AK Ski Swap and NSAA Ski Swap. If you sold items in the last year at those sales, you can use your existing login info (phew). Otherwise, please create a new account and add your items for this year’s consignment sale.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current pandemic and Municipal health mandates, this ski swap will take place partly online. This means that the sale will be online on Shopify and only the drop off and pick up will be in person to avoid the overcrowding of venues.

This year, we will only take “hard goods”, i.e. skis, boots, etc. including helmets, gloves and other accessories, but NO CLOTHING. Any item that does not fit this description will be removed from the seller’s registry.

Once you have created an account you can immediately register your items for the sale. When registering each item sellers can choose to sell items 50% off in the last 12 hours of the sale by selecting “yes” to Discount. You can also choose to donate your items if they don’t sell by selecting “yes” to Donate. Note that you can re-edit information regarding an item. You can also completely delete an item. Unsold items not picked up on November 20th between 3 pm and 7 pm and November 21st between 9 and till 12 pm will be donated to the organizers.

IMPORTANT: You can enter as many items as you want. Fill-out the required information and include a detailed description. Then add photos of the items. Please add several photos of the items from different angles. It is very important that you only add photos that are high quality so potential buyers can see properly the items you want to sell. We reserve the right to turn away items at drop off that are damaged or irreparable, if the photos do not show the damage or you did not take note of the damage in the item description. Buyers also have the right to return the items at the pick up and be refunded if the sold item does not live up to certain standards.

Also very important: please pay extra attention to the category and the size of the items. If your item is not properly categorized, buyers might not find it online. If the size is not right, a buyer may return it at the pick-up.

Please register as a seller and add your items BY THE END OF DAY ON NOVEMBER 13TH. We will close registration after this date and only accept items at the drop off that are in the system.

* If you are considering donating item(s), please do so prior to the start of the swap. 100% of proceeds from donations benefit UAA Ski Team and Arctic Valley Ski Area.

Tagging Your Items

As you open an account, you will be issued a seller ID. This ID will be on each item tag so that your items can be tracked.

It is very important that you securely attach your tags to your items. When printing your tags, we strongly recommend that you use card stock paper. You can use regular paper but you will need to reinforce your tags with cereal box style carton (except if tags are for skis). When reinforcing your regular paper tags with carton, do not use liquid glue. We recommend clear packaging tape. Place tags on your items using clear packaging tape and avoid taping over the barcode. Two-part items (boots, gloves) must be attached together with heavy twine string.

Please follow these instructions/recommendations on how to place the tags for the following items

Ski Boots: 
Print 2 tags (one for each boot).  Put tags on the back of the boot above the heel and tape the whole tag to the boot. Do not tape over the bar code. Use string to secure both boots together. OR print one tag and reinforce it with cardboard or stock paper. Then punch a hole through the tag and attach tag with a string to the boot. Then secure both boots together with a string.
Skis: Print 2 tags (one for each ski). Place tags flat on the top of the skis below the tip. Do not tape over bar code. Please tape skis together.
Poles: Tape poles together. Tape tag around the poles.
Skates: Print 2 tags (one for each skate). Tape the tags behind the calf part of the skate. OR print one tag and reinforce it with cardboard or stock paper. Then punch a hole through the tag and attach tag with a string to the skate. Then secure both skates together with a string.
Others: We trust your judgment on doing your best to securely place your tags on your items.

Drop Off

Drop off your items on November 13th and 14th to 49th State Brewing Co. at 717 W 3rd Ave. Item drop off will be at marked doors accessed from their parking lot ONLY. Do not go in the main entrance. Once all your tags are printed and securely placed on your items, you are ready to drop off your gear on Friday, November 13th 3 pm – 7 pm and Saturday, November 14th 10 am – 2 pm

Swap workers will inspect the items and check if the items you are dropping off corresponds with the items we have in the system. We ask you to bring ALL the items to drop off and cannot accept any items that are not pre-registered. We will place the equipment into a secure room that will be locked at night. Buyers will have 3 days to shop. Please check HERE to see if your items have sold.

Buy New Gear

Check here to shop for new-to-you gear. Sale starts on November 16th. Select items will be available at a 50% discount on November 18th.

Gear Pick Up

You can pick up your unsold gear and purchased items on Friday, November 20th between 3 pm and 7 pm and November 21st between 9 and 12 pm at 49th State Brewing Co. at 717 W 3rd Ave. Please bring a list of your unsold gear or a receipt of your purchase with you. Swap workers will bring the items outside for you. Please maintain a social distance between you and other consigners during the pick-up. We will work very hard to serve everyone and ask you to be patient with us!

All unsold items under $150 will be donated if not picked up by the sellers. No exclusions!

Thank you for participating in the Anchorage Virtual Ski Swap and for supporting the Arctic Valley Ski Area and UAA Ski Team!