Anchorage Ski Club Membership Meeting Update

I hope this finds you doing well in these challenging times.  As you can imagine the Covid-19 Pandemic and resulting response has had a tremendous impact on our operations at Arctic Valley.  The resulting protective restrictions on our operations prevented us from finishing out our regular operations and also eliminated our spring fundraising events, including our annual membership meeting. After considering our options, the Anchorage Ski Club board of directors voted to delay our annual meeting and elections until later this year.

We hope to have our annual meeting and elections in person, but if restrictions are still in place at that time, we will hold our elections via electronic or mail-in ballots.   As provided in the ASC bylaws, the board will appoint interim directors to any vacancies that occur on the board during in the meantime. We will provide all members with notice of the selected election date, the slate of candidates, and appropriate voting instructions.

Although the Club is making adjustments to keep Arctic Valley financially stable and continue our development and upgrades plans, now more than ever we need our members and friends to  help us out. We’d like to suggest that you renew your memberships early (which gives you free parking all summer) and consider increasing your membership level, or make a donation.  We have some exciting things planned, so stay tuned to our website and social accounts and keep an eye on your Inbox!

Stay healthy & care for others,

John Koltun
Vice President – Membership
Anchorage Ski Club Board of Directors