Concession Agreement Finalized!

Hello everyone!

Very exciting news! The Anchorage Ski Club (ASC) has fully executed a new concession contract with the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation!!

The first term starts August 1, 2020 and runs 20 years. We also have two additional 20-year renewal options, giving us the potential for a total of 60 years of continued operations at Arctic Valley.

ASC has been working for several years to negotiate a new concession contract with the State for the continued use of the land at Arctic Valley. Our current lease was set to expire in 2022, making it impossible for ASC to acquire funding for large projects. A long-term agreement for the use of the land is critical to being able to secure commercial loans, grant funding, and donations from both businesses and individuals. During this time, we dug our heels in and worked hard to improve our income from new sources, such as installation and development of the Tube Park, increasing exposure and demand for our lodge rentals in the Summer, and new programs such as the Arctic Valley Ski Team for youth racing development and recreational mentorship. The past 7 to 10 years have shown how successful we can be during the lean years. The process had a few bumps in the road and was quite arduous at times, taking hundreds of volunteer hours, but it is finally over, we have an executed agreement, and we can now focus on the positives and move forward!

The Anchorage Ski Club has a vision of what needs to be accomplished, both in the short term, and the long term, to make Arctic Valley Ski Area the best place for year-round alpine recreation. Our Strategic Planning Committee has been discussing and prioritizing new projects to improve our facilities, including new lifts, lighting, and snow making. We are also planning to renovate the Alpenglow Lodge, to make it more energy efficient, to bring the kitchen up to date, and to increase the outdoor use capacity. We are currently developing a renewed focus on outdoor education, trail projects, and public use cabins. All of these ideas will improve both our Winter and Summer operations and truly enhance year-round recreation at Arctic Valley.

Soon, we will be reaching out to our membership and the public for input on how our community would like to see ASC grow, develop, and improve. In the near future you should receive an invitation to participate through a survey. Please know that we will be evaluating and incorporating the information you provide, and your input is critical to our planning process – it is not just another survey. We need your input and ideas. Please feel free to reach out to me personally as well. I’d love to chat with everyone that has ideas. Please be involved. This is your club!

I’d like to thank everyone that has worked so hard on this newly-executed agreement with the State.

Wildly pleased and satisfied,

Rich Todd

Anchorage Ski Club President