COVID-19 Operating Plans

Like much else this year, our operations are changing because of COVID-19. Our goal is to continue providing our core activities – skiing and tubing – while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. Note that policies and procedures may change throughout the course of the season as dictated by operational necessity and/or changing governmental restrictions.

Arctic Valley will be following the NSAA’s best practices, as well as all Municipality of Anchorage and State of Alaska mandates and restrictions.

While there will be a few changes to our operations outside, the most extensive changes will be to our inside operations. Most important to note is that masks will be required in all inside spaces, at all times in the tubing park, and while in line for, on, and unloading from lifts.

Tickets and season passes

  • We highly encourage those who ride with us regularly to purchase a season pass! Passholders will not be subject to reservations, do not need to stop at the lodge, and will not be capacity restricted.
  • Date-specific tickets will be available on our website for purchase. We highly encourage everyone to purchase their tickets in advance, as the pickup process at our ticket windows will be much quicker than for those purchasing in person with cash or card.
  • Day tickets will be capped, to maintain an approximate capacity of 400 total riders on any given day. This will help to preserve the experience of riding at Arctic Valley, keep lift lines to a minimum, and ensure plenty of snow for everyone! Note that we would only have hit this cap a couple times in the past 3 years, so we do not anticipate this having a large effect on day ticket purchasers.
  • For those purchasing with cash or credit card at our ticket window, we will be collecting names and contact information for all guests to assist in contact tracing if necessary.


  • Ride lifts with the people you came with. If you didn’t travel to the ski area together with someone, don’t ride the lift with them. We will not be forcing anyone to ride double on our lifts.
  • Face coverings are required while in line for, on, and in the unloading area of our lifts. Invest in a good balaclava or buff. They’ll be hot items this winter. We’ll have some with Arctic Valley logos to purchase.
  • Those who refuse to wear a face covering in required areas will have their tickets pulled. Aggression towards our staff for enforcing policies will not be tolerated and may be reported to Chugach State Park rangers for follow up.
  • Refunds will be available for parties who are ill.