Matson Donation

Matson has generously donated a container or car move between Anchorage and Tacoma! This is a great opportunity to move that classic car you’ve had your eye on in the Lower 48 to Anchorage! Or buy ALL the Pottery Barn or IKEA furniture and have it shipped to Anchorage! Planning to retire? Take all your stuff with you to that snowbird house in Arizona! If you have a business, this is also an affordable way to move lots of material from Tacoma to Anchorage, Kodiak, or Dutch Harbor on the cheap.

The retail value is up to $5500, so this is an opportunity to save big money on moving stuff to Anchorage or Tacoma!


You can bid on this item through a sealed-bid or at our live auction on October 6, 2018.

Because of the unique and valuable nature of this item, we are offering to accept sealed bids prior to the live auction.  Here’s how it works: Submit your bid amount and include all of your contact information either by mail (Anchorage Ski Club, PO Box 200546, Anchorage, AK 99520) or by emailing your bid to  Bids will remain “sealed” and confidential until the live auction.  Sealed bids will be opened at the live auction and the highest sealed bid will be the starting bid for the silent auction.  If the sealed bid remains the highest bid, it is the winner.  Payment is due within 7-days of the auction.  Deadline for sealed bids is October 4, 2018.  Mailed bids must be received by this date.

Note that if you have a representative attending the live auction, then you can arrange for them to bid by proxy or  phone during the live auction

Good luck!