Chair 2 Public Use Cabin Fundraiser

We’re getting close to finishing our new public use cabin at the top of Chair 2! Unfortunately, like many businesses, our finances are taking a severe hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. We lost the last month of ski season, the last two weeks of tubing, and we’re losing the vast majority of our summer wedding income. To finish the cabin with the amenities we want – heat, electricity, and an easy lock/entry system, we need to raise some money. To do so, we’re holding a blind auction!

It works like this: Donate any amount of money you want ($75 or over) and the person who donates most gets their pick of a date when the cabin opens . The person who donated the next highest amount gets the second pick, and so on. Nights at the cabin can be reserved for this summer or summer 2021. Ties are broken by whoever donated first. Each donation of $75 or more gets one night in the cabin when it opens (we’re shooting for sometime in July). You can donate multiple times and we’ll add the amounts together. If you’d like to donate less than $75, we’ll be happy to accept the donation, but you won’t get a reservation. The fundraiser will run through Sunday, July 5th. Donors will be contacted by email to make their reservation once we have a firm opening date.

Donations may be tax deductible. The standard rate to reserve the cabin is $75; or $50 for regular, Black Diamond, and life members of the Anchorage Ski Club / Arctic Valley Ski Area.

Questions? Contact us at info@arcticvalley.org

Thanks to everyone who donated! The fundraiser is now over. Stay tuned to the website and our social media for updates on our progress.