Arctic Valley Ski Area’s Strategic Plan

Exciting news!

As part of the growth and progress of the Anchorage Ski Club and our recently signed concession contract with the State of Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, we developed a Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan is our 1 to 3-year strategy for success. These are short-term goals, developed by the Anchorage Ski Club’s Board of Directors, Planning Committee, with significant public input by the ASC Membership and others in the local community. Our Planning Committee read and incorporated
responses from almost 400 people that took the time to reply to our survey. We thank you!

This first Strategic Plan is like the first chapter in a good book. We introduce and define ourselves. We develop guiding principles through our vision, mission and purpose. We show our intent and planning process. And then we define our goals and action items, all developed to ensure our long-term success as a year-round, community-based center for recreation and education.

Our first goal is to develop a Master Plan for Arctic Valley Ski Area. This plan is focused on a slightly longer-term vision for the next 10+ years. We look forward to this planning process and will again reach out for input through surveys and other public outreach efforts. Our other short-term Strategic Plan goals are to enhance our user experiences, continue to improve upon our infrastructure, develop new programs and recreational opportunities at Arctic Valley, and to strengthen our organization through
prudent growth to ensure our financial success for the long-term.

I invite you to peruse our first Anchorage Ski Club Strategic Plan.

As always, we encourage community involvement through our volunteer program, membership and financial contributions. Please join us as a volunteer! Get involved. You are essential to our continued success!
I am excited for our future!

With appreciation, 
Rich Todd
Anchorage Ski Club, President