Ski Patrol

Denali Ski Patrol

We have a great team of ski patrollers at Arctic Valley who help provide a safe experience for everyone. For information about joining Denali or National Ski Patrol visit  or email the Denali Patrol director, Andy Sullivan:

History of Denali Ski Patrol

The Denali Patrol has its roots in the Anchorage Ski Club and Arctic Valley (formerly known as Alpenglow).  These began back in 1937 when the Anchorage Ski Club was formed.  Before and after the road was put in by the US Army, between 1944-1945, ACS and the Army built and maintained several rope tows.

The Alaska Division of National Ski Patrol was formed in May of 1953 which included Denali and Juneau Patrols.  Today there are Ski Patrols in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Girdwood, Cordova, and Juneau.   With members from the Juneau patrol and others from outside the state, Denali patrolled the 1963 National Alpine Ski Championships at Mt. Alyeska. The Denali Ski Patrol, the oldest patrol in the Anchorage area, later split to form the Sourdoughs (now Alyeska), and Hillberg patrols.

Back in 1964 Denali was the first ski patrol to win the Minnie Dole award for the second time, and during the 1970’s continued to win awards nationally.

Since then the patrol has been involved in Jr. National Ski Patrol seminar, Extreme Skiing Competitions at Thompson Pass, Arctic Winter Games, Alaska Mountain Rescue Convention, mountain runs, the annual Telefest, and just patrolling on the weekends.