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Our Lifts

T-Bar –  Vertical rise of 984ft with a length of 2,802ft

Located next to the lodge, the T-Bar was built in 1961 and is the heart of the ski area. A major electrical upgrade in 2016 increased the reliability and safety of the lift. The T-Bar offers a unique benefit, that if you just want to venture slightly up the mountain, or you want to take it to the top, you can dismount at any point on your climb.

Snowboarders! The T-bar was designed well before snowboarding was a thing. If you haven’t ridden one before, watch this video with some hints on how to ride it.

Chair 2 – Vertical rise of 1,214ft with a length of 4,544ft

Chair 2, also known as Little Teton Chairlift, was originally installed in 1979 and became fully operational again in 2000. New electrical hardware in 2014 and a new haul rope in summer 2017 means it’ll be serving riders for a long time to come. This lift takes you nearly to Rendezvous Peak. From there you can take in the spactacular views of Arctic Valley and Eagle River. The ride down is the longest of all the lifts!

Chair 1  – Vertical rise of 813ft with a length of 2,216ft

Chair 1, also known as the Thompson Lift, was first installed in 1968 and is the Southern-most lift. Renovation completed in 2006, it is a quick 4 minute ride up the mountain!

Rope Tow – Vertical rise of 30ft with a length of 400ft

Refurbished and reopened in 2018, our beginner rope tow is conveniently located right out the back door of the lodge.