Arctic Valley Concession Agreement

Concession Contract Implemented

Working cooperatively with Alaska State Parks, we have negotiated a final concession contract that will allow the Anchorage Ski Club to continue to operate Arctic Valley Ski Area. This concession contract gives us the certainty we need to get financing, large-scale fundraising, and donations to make major improvements to the ski area while increasing recreational opportunities at Arctic Valley

This contract increases planning and reporting requirements to State Parks and ties our annual fee to our income. We believe it’s a fair agreement that protects the interests of ASC and the State. We will pay a percentage of our ski area income to the State, but up to 50% can be offset by maintenance and improvements such as plowing the road and public parking lot, trail maintenance, and other approved capital projects. We are also required to submit summer and winter operations plans, and will generally have more oversight from Alaska State Parks. None of this will affect our current operations, and State Parks has been a great partner and supportive of the plans we’ve outlined to expand our services.