Master Plan

As part of the Strategic Plan, the Anchorage Ski Club (ASC) is committed to developing a Master Plan.  With the master plan ASC wishes to develop the area in a manner compatible with its existing character, and to expand and diversify its uses to serve the community to the optimum extent, while maintaining and enhancing qualities valued by existing users.

In the fall of 2021, ASC engaged the services of Huddle, SE Group, McKinley Research and Interior Trails to help develop a Master Plan for Arctic Valley.  The planning process has three phases, and is anticipated to complete at the end of 2022.

Phase I:   Listen and Learn

Phase II:  Envision

Phase III: Share and Finalize

Community Survey

We are working hard on a master plan for the next generation of Alaskans.  We have employed the pros, but we need your input too because it’s all about creating community and joy.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and vision for Arctic Valley!  You will be given the option of entering a drawing for some cool prizes at the end of the survey.  The survey will be open for a month, and closes on Monday, May 9th.

Stakeholders Survey

We are currently developing an interview process for stakeholders and hope to begin in the near future.  There is an option in the survey to volunteer for interviews.