Strategic Plan

The Anchorage Ski Club (ASC) is excited to share our 2021 Strategic Plan.  This strategic plan incorporates input from our community collected through planning workshops, focused advisory groups and survey responses from over 400 community members.  The plan’s reviewing stakeholders are as follows, Anchorage Ski Club Board of Directors, the Chugach State Park Advisory Board, and partners from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.

Strategic planning assesses existing conditions and formulates recommendations that will provide direction and focus to achieve the desired future infrastructure upgrades, plans to grow use of the area, and proposed new programs and services.  The intent of this strategic plan is to guide the Anchorage Ski Club for the short-term 1-3 years, with the understanding that aspects of a Master Plan may supersede this plan.

The Strategic Plan has 5 main goals

  1. Develop a Master Plan
  2. Enhance the Experience of Members and Visitors
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Improve Recreation Opportunities at Arctic Valley
  5. Build the Financial, Structural and Organizational Resources to Fulfill Goals 1 through 4